Exibition "Seasons" by Victor Sevastianov

From April 1st to 15th 2011 a personal exhibition of Ukrainian artist V. Sevastianov (1923-1993) took place in one of the halls of the European Commission. He was a unique person and talented artist; an excellent football player and no less startling landscape-painter.

Victor Sevastianov was born on July 01, 1923 in Odessa, Ukraine, where his careers of a sportsman and an artist have began. His biography is very typical for the generation of those days: nine classes of secondary school, the job as of a fitter and mobilization in 1941. Battles for Odessa, retreat, several years of life on occupied territory and the return to the Red Army in 1944.

After the Second World War Sevastianov became a professional football player, playing for Odessa "Pischevic" and then for “Dynamo” Kiev, Ukraine. Sevastianov played 63 matches as a central halfback in the championship of Ukraine and for the Cup of USSR. Professional football did not leave much time for the painting. In 1953 Victor Sevastianov leaves football and fully given himself to painting. His works were exhibited on All-Union, republican and personal artistic exhibitions.

Artistic world of Victor Sevastianov - is the world of nature. The sense of joining with surrounding reality, with native land pierces through the all landscapes of the painter artist. Here are the "heroes" of his canvases: lonely tree over the river, white, going down to the horizon clouds, old rural fence, a horse harness to the sledge, lilac, forest... Every landscape of Victor Sevastianov – it is a certain state of soul, play of colors and shades, overflow of the one object to other. Sevastianov’s canvases are demonstrating his clear adherence to the Odessa artistic school with its warm colors and nuances of shades range, with its permanent interest to the nature as a stylistic principle.

Numerous paintings of the artist – landscapes, still-lifes are exposed in 10 Ukrainian museums and in different private collections in Ukraine, England, France, Spain, Canada, Germany, Belgium.

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